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International Film Festival of Vilagarcía

Born as the Amateur Film Festival of Vilagarcía in 1973, the Curtas Film Fest has been held uninterruptedly for 44 years in Vilagarcía de Arousa. It’s the film festival dean of Galicia and one of the contests with more tradition of Spain. Next to its forty-fifth anniversary, which began as an amateur cinema competition created by the enthusiastic people of the Liceo Vilagarcía’s Lyceum, it was consolidated as one of the most prestigious festivals in the state. In 2017 it will host, for the second consecutive year, the Comic Festival of Vilagarcía.

Curtas 2017 is...


Feature Films,
Retrospectives, Homages
Short Films, …


Expositions, Autograph Sessions, Conferences, Presentations, …


Role-Playing, Board Games, Videogames, Miniatures, Wargames, …

And many more

Stands, Workshops, Parades, Contests, Tastings, …


1SMOKING CLUB. Alberto Utrera (España, 2017) 80'. Premier galega. S.O. Longametraxe17:00Liceo Casino
2CURTAS A COMPETICIÓN I. 122’. S.O. Curtametraxe18:40Liceo Casino
3EN CUERPO Y ALMA (A teströl és a lélekröl). Ildikó Enyedi (Hungría, 2017) 116’. Premiere galega. Inauguración. 21:00Salón García
4COMPULSIÓN. Ángel González (España, 2017) 71'. Premier galega. S.O. Longametraxe21:30Liceo Casino
1CURTAS A COMPETICIÓN II. 123’. S.O. Curtametraxe17:00Liceo Casino
2MARISA EN LOS BOSQUES. Antonio Morales (España, 2017) 83' Premier galega. S.O. Longametraxe19:30Liceo Casino
3A FLORESTA DAS ALMAS PERDIDAS. José Pedro Lopes (Portugal, 2016) 70'. S.O. Longametraxe21:00Salón García
4CURTAS A COMPETICIÓN III. 122’. S.O. Curtametraxe21:30Liceo Casino
1CURTAS A COMPETICIÓN IV. 121’. S.O. Curtametraxe17:00Liceo Casino
2A MÃE É QUE SABE. Nuno Rocha (Portugal, 2016) 88'. Premier galega. S.O. Longametraxe19:30Liceo Casino
3BLACK HOLLOW CAGE. Sadrac González-Perellón (España, 2017) 105' Premier galega. S.O. Longametraxe21:00Salón García
4CURTAS A COMPETICIÓN V. 122’. S.O. Curtametraxe21:30Liceo Casino

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What they say about us

“One of the most anticipated
events of the year”


“An outstanding enjoyment
full of culture and love
by the Comic and Cinema”

Rafaél Ruíz

“Vilagarcía de Arousa
has something special”

Marcus Fernández


Liceo Casino


Rúa Castelao, 5
36601 Vilagarcía de Arousa
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Salón García / Sala Rivas Briones

Praza da Pescadería


Avda. da Mariña, 9
36600 Villagarcía de Arosa
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About Vilagarcía de Arousa

The coastal town of Vilagarcía de Arousa is located in the Salnés region, in the province of Pontevedra, in North West Spain, just above Portugal. The region has welcomed travellers bound for Santiago de Compostela for centuries, hundres of cultures guided by the stars. The city is today one of the key tourist centers of Galicia thanks to its exceptional location that gives the enclave a very favorable climate that allows to enjoy with the beauty of its landscapes and beaches. It also offers a great offer of services and leisure possibilities, highlighting its exquisite gastronomy and its wines. Very well communicated, just 45 km from Santiago de Compostela or Vigo. Vilagarcía is magical, according to everyone that’s been here. The source and setting for the innumerable stories that have taken place in this extraordinary landscape.

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